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Native of Honolulu, Hawaii and raised in Cleveland, OH, J.Keyes later in life move to Florida where his dream of music began to take life!  From networking to creating pathways for music success Florida gave him a music platform and opportunities very few experience while building a career in entertainment. 

Inspired by rappers like Canibus and Tupac Shakur, J.Keyes began like every great music visionary at an early age of 11 rapping in the schoolyard, captivating small crowds with his ability to form powerful lyrics.  This earned him his first stage name LS Tha Hustla, LS meaning “Live Soil.”

​​By the age of 15, his lyrics matured with his life’s experience.  This is where he developed a love for inspirational and motivational stories that would impact lives in a positive way.  Notepads filled with rhymes, J.Keyes began to record tracks with his little brother and street friends.  Studio time and creating and selling tracks made him realize that his dream of building a successful life in music could come true. 

J.Keyes as a young adult decided he no longer wanted to be known as a just a rapper.  This would begin his death, burial and resurrection process to help save a new generation from music negativity breathing new life into music.  LS Tha Hustler emerged with his now branded name, J.Keyes giving the world his true self, raw talent and lyrical gift. 

J.Keyes’ smooth vibe and new flavor of music coupled with positive and inspirational lyrics has birthed his music campaign “Shift the Culture!” Breaking new grounds in Oklahoma City, his vision and style of music is reaching and resonating with youth and adults alike.  J.Keyes is one of many lyrical geniuses that will not only impact the world with positive and gifted music, he is truly “Shifting the Culture” of music one lyric at a time.